Hourly Consultations

We offer consultations to help you tackle specific areas of concern with your business.  If you handle the books on your own and need help untangling & understanding the transactions, or are new to Quickbooks Online or Xero and require some training, booking a consultation will allow us to tackle the issue together.

Some areas we typically work on, are;

  • Technical Quickbooks Online or Xero questions
  • Working to solve an issue within transactions that have been booked
  • Questions about processes
  • Workflow management
  • Training on a new Quickbooks or Xero account

Please note before booking:

1) you must either currently be using or transferring to Xero or Quickbooks Online. We do not specialize in other programs.

2) once the booking has been confirmed, you will receive an emailed notification with details to prepare for our meeting.

3) you will be required to log into zoom and do a screen share (your camera does not have to be on) for us to work through whatever it is you require help with.

Consultations are $100 per hour.  After the first hour, should additional time be needed, we can create a package for you.